Customer care framework

  1. Spare parts are available at American Standard Customer Care. Fees vary according to conditions regarding a product’s warranty and/or type of service.
  2. Product information and technical advice can be attained through American Standard’s daily automatic & regular phone systems.
  3. Inspection and repairs conducted at American Standard Customer Care and customer’s sites are according to the conditions of the warranty and service charges rate.
  4. Service and repair fees are based on a customer’s location. Service rates charged may differ, depending on distance of customer’s location within Bangkok and provincial areas.
  5. Services outside locations of American Standard Customer Care center; Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai, Pattaya.
    Please contact dealers shop in the area of desired service.
  6. Rates charged for installation, removal and replacement spare parts excluding the whole set of product of American Standard products vary upon conditions of warranty and service fees.

*Conditions and terms are subject to change

For products under product warranty, delivery and repair services are brought directly to your home. If customer need to bring a product to inspection/repairs at Customer care , please inform our Customer Care in advance for your convenience.

Remark: American Standard reserves the rights to change or withdraw the stated conditions without prior notice, **price excludes 7% VAT. All subject to change without prior notice. For questions, please contact our customer care center.